Amir John Shafaghat (AJ Graves) of Saint Rocke

Meet Amir John Shafaghat, who goes by the name of AJ Graves – of Saint Rocke.

He got arrested and plead guilty to assault with a deadly weapon after being caught on video kicking a guy in the head:

Here you can read the law for yourself: 245(a)(4)

Beware, this guy plead no contest to Assault with a Deadly Weapon:

Recently this lunatic got into it with a patron at this bar, and then got his information and had some woman calling his family’s house asking absurd questions:

DoucheBags Exposed Exclusive: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Agenda for America and Beyond

Written in the early 1990’s, published in Saudi Arabia, and translated by the MSA of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio – Fathi Yakun’s “To Be a Muslim” is a rather interesting book to say the least.

In it, it details some very shocking things about Islam, references Hasan Al-Bana founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, and talks about how Muslims should go about bringing down Western civilization and making the whole world succumb and bow down to Islam.

The copy I got a hold of was disseminated by Islamic Relief, an organization that claims to be about “charity”, but after reading this book, it is apparent that is NOT their main goal.
On the back of the book I have, it has their sticker on it, and reads “With Compliments from Islamic Relief”.

This is not “fringe” Islamic ideology. When you have the Muslim Student Association and Islamic Relief endorsing it, that should tell you something. Also, as someone who was forced to go to an Islamic school in America – this is the gist of what I was taught to believe.

Anyway, I took the liberty of turning this book into PDF form so that everyone can see what the Islamic agenda really is:
PDF version of To Be a Muslim

Cover, Acknowledgements, and Preface

Below is the back of this book with an Islamic Relief’s information stuck on the back of it:

Who published this book? Our good ol’ friends from Saudi Arabia:

And below in the Acknowledgements page you’ll see how the MSA of Ohio University took part in translating this book:

Part I – The Creed (Chapter 1)

On page 8, we learn that Muslims must be bound by the shariah, and to that Muslims should not value this world, their family, and everything in it, but instead put Allah ahead of all of that:

Part I – Worship (Chapter 2)

In chapter two, on page 13 we learn that if anyone is hostile to one Muslim, then it is required that all Muslims declare war against that person:

Part I – Morals (Chapter 3)

In chapter three, on page 24 we learn it is moral when Umar threatens to cut a Jewish persons’ head off after he is angry because the “prophet” has short changed him and he confronts him on it:

It’s absurd that it says the Muhammad told Umar to “be polite” because in the previous chapter it tells you to declare war against any hostility, and in the Qur’an Muhammad ordered the execution of some 900 Jewish men and boys because they basically said no to following Muhammad. But, there you have Islamic “morals”.

Part I – Family Life (Chapter 4)

On the first page of chapter four, we are told that it is the duty of a Muslim to establish an Islamic way of life in the society they live in:

We then learn that marriage isn’t about love, but is all for Allah:

Next, we learn that whoever does what the wishes of their wives WILL BURN IN HELL:

And finally, we learn that “all children are born innocent” and by innocent, it is apparent they mean “Muslim” because they then state that it is their parents that make them different religions:

So remember that the next time a Muslim talks about “innocent” lives. They don’t believe you are innocent unless you are a Muslim.

Part I – Self Control (Chapter 5)

On page 35, we learn a few things:

  • That Satan tries to stop people from becoming Muslim.
  • That Satan tries to stop people from going to jihad.
  • Jihad is about making sacrifices and giving up everything – including your life for Islam.

When you read that it’s putting into the mind of Muslims that anyone who asks them basic question is the enemy. I mean, Satan isn’t doing anything wrong other than ASKING QUESTIONS, Where as Muhammad is cheering for religious violence. To me, Satan is the good guy here, and Muhammad is the evil one.

Part II – Living for Islam (Chapter 1)

Now we get to Part II of this book, otherwise known as the Islamic Movement.

The first chapter in this section is called “Living for Islam” and continues more and more about jihad:

On page 49 it rails against modernity and how Muslims need to end these “evil” things:

On page 50-51, We find out that Islam views that this world is WORTHLESS, and Muhammad tells his followers in essence to forget the world,
and only think about Islam:

On the very next page, we learn that “A wise man must learn about his enemies”, as well as their “factional divisions”. Gee, I wonder who he’s talking about. You think about the conversations being had in the West today – specifically that it’s “racist” to criticize Islam.

Part II – The Compulsory Nature of Islamic Activism (Chapter 2)

On page 56 we learn of the COMPULSORY things that Muslims have to do, including to form a government that is an accordance with – you guessed it –
Shariah Law:

Part II – The Islamic Movement: Its Task,Characteristics, and Tools (Chapter 3)

On page 65, it talks openly about taking down Western civilization – here is a screen shot of that page. Notice the area with the pink squiggly:

On page 69-71 it talks about the their strategy to accomplish this:

On page 71, we learn that “War is dissimulation”:

On page 74, here we learn that even if you DO NOT AGREE with Islam – you MUST accept it, and also, to
“not lie or be dishonest”. If it seems contradictory, it is because it is, however, you must understand
Islam does permit lying for religion:

And on the next page – we learn about jihad. And it obviously does not mean a non-violent, “personal struggle”:

Part II – Distinguishing the Movement from Specialized Organizations (Chapter 4)

Next we get to pages 76-77 where it talks about how Muslims who work with Christians and Jews in a non-Muslim society are bound by
the limits of that society and how it isn’t real Islam:

And that the ultimate goal is to turn a non-Muslim – specifically Western society into a Muslim one:

Part II – The Nature of the Commitment (Chapter 5)

In chapter five of part two of this book, we learn about “The Nature of Commitment” to the Islamic Movement. Specifically, we learn
something I believed all along – that Muslims really worship Muhammad.

On the next page, we learn that it is the duty of every Muslim to create an Islamic society wherever they live:

Next we learn that this duty is for their entire lives and a part of Da’wah – the spread of Islam – is JIHAD:

We then learn that Allah wants to deprive people who are unbelievers:

On page 82-83 it says some very interesting things. Keep in mind this was written in the 1990’s and think about where we are today
with Islam and Muslims. It explicitly says that once people know what Islam is, it will get tough, and that Muslims will not
be treated nicely. What you are witnessing today is not an accident, this is done by design:

Part II – Strategic Planning (Chapter 6)

Chapter VI of Part II is called “Strategic Planning” – so spiritual right?

And on the next page we learn that there is no separation between Islam and anything else – which would explain why with Muslims, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING – must be “Islamic”:

On page 87 it talks about how Muslims should try to solve problems in the non-Muslim societies they reside in, but also, pursue their Islamic agenda at the same time, by focusing on the fact that the reason why they have these problems is because they are un-Islamic:

Notice how they talk about the evils of capitalism. I’ve seen a lot of Muslim commentators take that route and start talking about the economy and other things in our society and babble about how the Islamic way of doing this is much “safer” and “better”. It’s all part of their agenda.
On the next page, we learn that preaching and public relations are part of their scheme:

The next page goes on to talk more about how an Islamic economy would work, and then continues with more cheer leading for Muhammad:

And on the final page of this chapter, we learn about what Muhammad and Muslim pray for:

When I pray, I pray for good things, when these people pray, they pray that everyone worships Muhammad and “God”.
Not only that but rea what it says in the final paragraph – it asks, “When should we use violence?”!

Part II – The Requirements of Bai’ah and Brotherhood (Chapter 7)

The final chapter of this book is titled “The Requirements of Bai’ah and Brotherhood”. On page 92, it defines what Bai’ah is all about:

On the next pages we can see why Muslims seem to always be oppressed by their own leaders, and why they seem to be prone to fighting – The principles and essential rules they must follow:

Imam Siraj Wahaj – Benign or Malicious Islamic Preacher?

In light of Mr. Wahaj’s children being arrested, we decided to do research on this topic considering we have already done an Exclusive post about Islamic schools and Islamic children’s books in America. To check out that article and get up to speed – click here

In any event, here is Mr. Wahaj from 1990 on video speaking about Daw’ah – which we will talk about later in this blog, and also stating that Muslims should not assimilate.

Now you notice he speaks of a concept called “Daw-ah”. Well, here it is explained – this is from the book “To Be a Muslim” by Fathi Yakun:

Look what it says up there, “when people know and understand the objective of this Daw’ah, you will be hated and assailed by them.”.

And what is the goal of all this? To take down the West as it says at the end of page 65 of this book:

Well gee, is it because you are against them and trying to conquer them with your Daw’ah? It’s just common sense – once someone realizes you are a malicious psychopath that wants to control and destroy you for their own agenda, most sane and normal people will be against that. Who wants to be controlled and subjugated?

To read more about this book, go to our blog post titled DoucheBags Exposed Exclusive: The Apparent Islamic Agenda for America and Beyond

Gee, I wonder where his children learned these ideas from? And by the way, isn’t this all proof that these people are clearly conspiring against the United States? Here what the law states regarding conspiracy:

If two or more persons conspire either to commit any offense against the United States, or to defraud the United States, or any agency thereof in any manner or for any purpose, and one or more of such persons do any act to effect the object of the conspiracy, each shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

If, however, the offense, the commission of which is the object of the conspiracy, is a misdemeanor only, the punishment for such conspiracy shall not exceed the maximum punishment provided for such misdemeanor.

(June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 701; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(L), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)
18 U.S. Code § 371 – Conspiracy to commit offense or to defraud United States

This is all available at:

Much of this information was taken from our sister site, which is The Backwards Religion

Amir Salam – Potential Psychopath in Dana Point Who Killed Animals During Adolescence

Meet Amir Salam, who currently resides in Dana Point, CA.

Amir Salam Seemingly Proud Of Himself For Wreaking Havoc and Killing Little Birds As Adolescent

Amir Salam allegedly had psychopathic tendencies as an adolescent and child, including killing animals. Someone decided to message him and decided to bring that up and see his reaction about it today.

Amir Salam’s reaction is quite telling about his current personality – note the text underlined in red where it talks about Amir killing little birds – and then watch Amir’s response right after telling him to add him on Facebook.

Allegedly Wreaked Havoc with Admitted Sexual Deviant Rani Altinawi

And if you’ve read our recent post on a guy who is an admitted sexual deviant by the name of Rani Altinawi – turns out they went to the same school – Orange Crescent School – also known as OCS. Let’s show you again what the nature of Rani Altinawi’s character is:

And allegedly they were friends during that time and would torment and cause all sort of problems for people. This person tried to get some information in terms if he still kept in touch with Rani or divulge any information on any type of “shenanigans” they’d pull to drive people mad or hurt others, but Amir did not respond:

Amir’s Father Abdul Salam And Why Amir Was Never Expelled

His father is Abdul Salam, who spawned Amir and sent him to Muzammil Siddiqi’s Orange Crescent School – which we have shown has been known to harbor antisocial and anti non-Muslim points of view.

Now why wasn’t Amir ever expelled after doing such psychopathic behavior?

We do have some insights as we were able to get a former administrator from Orange Crescent School to speak on the issue and this is what we were able to get, dated November 1, 2018:

And that is what pretty much happened in Amir’s situation. Amir’s father, Abdul, allegedly was financially “well-off”, and instead of expelling his son who proudly identified himself as the child who wreaked havoc and killed little birds – Orange Crescent School decided to fire this American woman by the name of Claire Lemire – who was severely bullied and abused by the students and staff at this extremely dysfunctional institution.

She was then replaced with a man by the name of Raed Hariri, who had a terrible temper and allegedly eloped with a 16 year old girl in August of 1996.

Let’s also keep in mind that this is the same place and same time that American terrorist Adam Gadahn was taught.

To read more on Mr. Gadahn, click here

Islamic Schools Vs. Public Schools – From Their Own Perspective

This snippet was taken from the Islamic Circle of North America’s website, in which they have an article discussing Islamic Schools vs Public Schools. In it, they blame public schools for why Muslim kids turn out bad, and that Muslim schools are loaded with bad kids – because of the public school system:

But remember, before they were in the public school system, they were children born to this specific sub culture known as Islam. And before the public school system, they had parents and a family. These people are saying the opposite of what everyone knows – values start IN THE HOME.

Psychopathy Symptoms

Now we cannot fully diagnose Amir Salam as a psychopath, but his reactions are quite indeed scary. But here is a list of personality traits a psychopath – young or old would display:

  • Superficial charm and glibness
  • Inflated sense of self-worth
  • Constant need for stimulation
  • Lying pathologically
  • Conning others; being manipulative
  • Lack of remorse or guilt
  • Shallow emotions
  • Callousness; lack of empathy
  • Using others (a parasitic lifestyle)
  • Poor control over behavior
  • Promiscuous sexual behavior
  • Behavioral problems early in life
  • Lack of realistic, long-term goals
  • Being impulsive
  • Being irresponsible
  • Blaming others and refusing to accept responsibility
  • Having several marital relationships
  • Delinquency when young
  • Revocation of conditional release
  • Criminal acts in several realms (criminal versatility)

For more information, on the topic, go to: Psychopathy in detail

Amir Salam “Doesn’t Care” What People Think; It Was “Just 7th Grade”

Now, if you scroll to the bottom of this page, Amir Salam responded stating that it was just in the 7th grade.

In fact, we were sent an email recently in which he apparently went off and stated he doesn’t care, and reiterated his stance – he was in the 7th grade. That’s his excuse:

Which, as we all know, is a terrible excuse. How many people do you know were murdering animals in the 7th grade? The only people I know who were doing stuff like that were the SCARY KIDS.

Moreover, his response to this is absurd, he acts like it’s not big deal and that he is the victim in all of this.

The following screen shot is from Robert Hare’s 1993 book on psychopathy titled Without Conscience, here is what he states about these types of behaviors in children: