Bassem Al-Rashidi – Wife Beater Who Allegedly Drove Second Wife To Attempt Suicide

Meet Bassem Al-Rashidi.

He has been married several times, and allegedly loves to abuse the women he is with. Below is a chat from the mid/late 2000s when he was married to a young woman by the name of Aliaa Ghanem – who he allegedly punched in the face and drove her to attempt suicide.

Let’s look at the chat below:

Here we see that he also was allegedly abusing her while he was pregnant with his child!

Let’s take a look at another chat with another woman who was with Bassem:

So here we have that he was engaged to a woman by the name of Iman Ibrahim. Here we have a chat in which Iman is “Arab Amira” and describes how Bassem broke off the engagement, got with another woman who happened to be Asian, got engaged to her and on top of that, get this: Bassem scheduled the wedding with the other woman on Iman’s birthday, and then proceeded to invite Iman to the wedding!

His marriages never seem to last many years – gee I wonder why?

Bassem is also allegedly a distant relative/cousin of one Rani Altinawi, who thought a sexual assault was hilarious