Qaiser Imam of Austin Community College and Round Rock, Texas Connected to Mosques That Teach Violent Islamic Jihad

Meet Qaiser Imam currently of Round Rock, Texas. For those of you who don’t know Qaiser, let me introduce you. He was a member of the Islamic Society of Orange County – the same mosque where American terrorist Adam Gadahn came from, as well as two other alleged Jihadi terrorists.

And before we go on, he is so shameless he will lie and say anything to promote Islam, including that not having faith in Islam causes disease:

In fact, if you look at the image closely, you can see that he has been a teacher at various colleges including Austin Community College

What a lying psychopath, to view that page above, click here

Qaiser Imam Principal of Orange Crescent School From 1988 – 1991

Qaiser over here allegedly got the “honor” of being the the first principal at the Islamic school created within the Islamic Society of Orange County in the late 1980s and early 1990s called Orange Crescent School.

If you remember, we did an expose on Islamic children’s books that you can read here.

We were able to confirm that Orange Crescent School and the Islamic Society of Orange County did use the above book during the time that Qaiser Imam was the principal from 1988-1991 and beyond.

Let us remind our readers of the material that is in this book:

Former American Teacher Who Taught From 1989 – 1995 Talks About How Dysfunctional Orange Crescent School Was

Below is a screen shot from a chat in which former Orange Crescent School teacher Virginia Isom talks about how the TEACHERS AND STAFF were ALARMINGLY UNPROFESSIONAL:

Qaiser Imam Lies to the LA Times – Talks of “Safe Environment”

In an interview with the LA Times from 1990, Qaiser Imam stated the following:

Now when most people are thinking of the words “safe environment” in relation to school kids they are assuming you are talking about supervision and physical safety – not Qaiser Imam or this community.

The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) also speaks about the condition of Islamic schools in America on their very own site. For example, regarding safety here is what ICNA stated:

Moreover, they also have the nerve to state that though many Muslim parents send their kids to a Muslim school because their kids are bad – because of the public school system:

So if you have children who are “bad” because of “public school” – how is teaching the following going to help:

And if you are wondering how widespread this book is, let’s again look at the introduction and preface of this book:

Animal Torture,Being Reported to the FBI, and Other Alarming Issues Concerning Qaiser Imam

In May of 2015, Qaiser Imam was allegedly reported on to the authorities for allegedly torturing rabbits in his house in front of family members. Qaiser Imam allegedly would have an albino rabbit, lay it on newspapers, and then squeeze its legs as hard as he could.

Below is a message from people who allegedly saw him in action:

He would allegedly do this in the living room of his house in front of his own wife – and she allegedly didn’t seem bothered by it. It was not until someone saw what was happening that it was reported. Animal Control allegedly paid Mr. Imam a visit, but no word on how that ended.

Qaiser Imam was also allegedly involved in gas lighting and framing kids at his schools for his own entertainment. If he knew a child had parents that were not supportive, Mr. Imam would allegedly abuse these kids by making up allegations about them and “disciplining” them.

In fact, as an update to this page, in 2018, he was reported to the FBI in an email and we have those emails:

And below, the FBI Agent, who’s identity shall remain anonymous responds:

Qaiser Imam Lead An Islamic School In Texas

In 2003, Qaiser Imam was the principal of another Islamic school in America – this time in Texas.

We were able to do some research and find Qaiser Imam on this old yahoo group trying to get people to go to his pathetic school:
Qaiser Imam Tries To Recruit Students for His Pathetic School

Qaiser Imam’s Yahoo Group – AMAANA

Anyway, in his Yahoo Group – AMAANA – Qaiser posted the following:Funny! Improving Muslim Schools

In which Qaiser tries to encourage people to enroll their children in Islamic schools. In it, he includes this absolutely ridiculous video by WhyIslam?, where the actor in the video makes the most audacious and silly claims about public schools and how they are “that bad”.
Ummah Films *Season 3* Improving Muslim Schools (in Chicago)

Isn’t it funny that in 1990 Qaiser tells the LA Times that Orange Crescent School welcomes non-Muslims, and then you clearly see him saying here that his school are 100% Muslim.

Rabia Afghani – Teacher of Jihad at Orange Crescent School Allegedly Celebrated the Death of Americans

Meet Rabia Afghani of Anaheim, CA.

She was an Islamic Studies teacher at Muzammil Siddiqi’s Islamic school – Orange Crescent School located in Garden Grove, CA from the 1980s all the way into the early 2000s.

She allegedly would teach children:

  • Celebrated the death of Americans in 1989 when the Golden Gate Bridge Collapsed
  • Hatred for non-Muslims
  • Dying for Islam Will Lead to Heaven and Virgins
  • That Girls Who Do Not Wear a Head Scarf Will Be Strangled In Hell By Allah
  • Threatened to throw children out of windows for “not paying attention”.

If you read our article on Islamic children’s books, we showed you what My Book of Islam teaches. It turns out that Orange Crescent School and Rabia Afghani used this same exact book. Let’s remind you of the content of this book:

A student violated and indoctrinated by her contacted her on Facebook and gave her a piece of his mind, calling Rabia Afghani out on her disgusting views and actions – below she gets called out for celebrating the 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake:

And here are a few other messages she received calling her out on her behavior and evil teachings:

In case you weren’t born or didn’t know how big this event was, here is a video of the event as it happened:

Now abuse and alarming teachings are nothing new.

Below is a screen shot from a chat in which former Orange Crescent School teacher Virginia Isom talks about how the TEACHERS AND STAFF were ALARMINGLY UNPROFESSIONAL:

And here is former principal Karen Selby talking about how the school was run by violent religious men and women: