Douchebags Exposed Exclusive: A Synopsis on My Book of Islam – An Islamic Children’s Book for Muslim Children in the West

In this blog post, we take a look at Islamic Children’s Books used in mosques in the West. Will we find information that will shed light on why Western born Muslims seem more radical than their parents? Read further, and make up your own mind based on evidence.

Teachings of the Mosques

The book we are going to analyze is titled My Book of Islam children’s book series.

Where This Book is Used

My Book of Islam is an Islamic children’s book series. The first version of this series was released in 1988. This book series is taught in many Islamic schools in the West including the United States, Britain, Canada, and Australia.

Where You Can Find This Book

I created a PDF version of this book since I could not find an electronic version of it. So you can actually download it at: My Book of Islam – Book 5.

However, you can find this specific book on Amazon and buy it used.

Sent to Over One Hundred Muslims Organizations to Review

Before I go on, I know what you are thinking: How many mosques actually use this book? Well, that answer can be answered by the book itself:

Here we see, this book was sent to over ONE HUNDRED MUSLIM ORGANIZATIONS TO REVIEW. So this book represents Islam. Not some radical form, but just regular Islam.

How Many Mosques are Peddling This Literature?

Now keep in mind, this book is from 1988, but in the first few pages, we learn the answer to this question:

There are definitely more than 60 mosques in America, let alone the rest of the West. This book is saying that this is being used in more than 60 Islamic institutions all across the west. This is important because people think that it’s just the internet that people are becoming Jihadis, but the mosques themselves are teaching it as we see here.

Teachings of Jihad

Not at all shocking is the fact that this book for children encourages Jihad. Here, we learn about a Jihadi named Khalid – a bad Jihadi, so bad in fact that he NEVER died in battle. In fact, in this story, he is on his death bed, crying because he lived a long life. He fought and fought and never died in a battle. Awww, how sad:

Next, a few pages later, we learn about Al-Khansa. Al-Khansa is an Islamic convert, who, after converting to Islam, she encourages her sons to go “fight the enemy” and is hoping that they die. When they end up dying, she celebrates because she thinks dying for Islam is a great thing:

Non-Muslims are Lower than Animals

Jihad Until the Whole World is “Shouting by The Name of the Prophet”

Here we see that Muslims want the whole world “shouting by the name of the Prophet”:

“Spirituality” in Praying

Prayer is not for spirituality, but for obedience to leader:

Confirmed Mosques and Islamic Centers That Have Used “My Book of Islam” to “Teach”

The Islamic Society of Orange County, which has confirmed that
two ISIS terrorists and Adam Gadahn have all come from Muzammil Siddiqi’s grand mosque which also houses a school where they have taught this material to their students.

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How Islamists Set The Stage for the Orlando Massacre.

Much of this information was taken from our sister site, which is The Backwards Religion

Maddie Kebrea (Madeeha Kibriya) Tells Guy That Abuse Is Normal And Father Allegedly Was Serial Sexual Harrasser

Meet Maddie Kebrea, who is also known by her real name, Madeeha Kibriya.

Below is an email in which Maddie displays her idiocy by telling a guy who escaped horrendous abuse that abuse is cool, and she was abused and it’s all good. Keep in mind, this email is from 2008 and Maddie was 28 at the time:

Now Maddie attests that her father is an abusive man. Anyone that knows abusers know, it they usually abuse people in other areas of life as well. Her now dead father allegedly would sexually harass and violate women in his office and below is a woman talking about her time working with Madeeha and her viciously abusive father:

And worse more, Madeeha allegedly started bullying this same girl for money:

Notice this person references a person by the name of “Genene” and notice Madeeha in her ridiculous email to the guy who was abused, she references the same person.

In any event, it’s clear that Maddie has gone Madd as hell from all the abuse and has normalized it. Her own words are so disgusting.

Rasheed Obeid Allegedly Cheats on Current Wife with Former Wife

Meet Rasheed Obeid, he’s the brother of Amir Obeid who thinks Americans are bad.

Well, he got a divorce some years ago because he couldn’t stay faithful. This was to a woman who he was able to “convert” her to Islam, and made her wear a headscarf. Anyway, he decided to get married again – this time allegedly an arranged one.

Well according to his former wife and another person, he allegedly cheated on his current wife with his former wife – with his previous wife NOT KNOWING that he re-married:

So here we have two people, his former wife, and a girl by the name of “nesrin”. And his own parents drug tested him and fired him.

Rasheed also allegedly stole a guys car, drove it somewhere else, and told the person it was stolen – as a joke. Obviously the guy didn’t take too kindly. So Rasheed decided to teach him a lesson and then allegedly stole his eye glasses and hid them for two days. Then he allegedly “found” them and told people “he misplaced them”.

Rasheed Obeid – Douchebag Deluxe, and according to his former wife – a pathological liar.

Zain Ahmed Has Issues with Anger and Narcissism, “Apologizes” for Violence, States “All Beautiful Women Love Him”, and Mocks Child Abuse

Meet Zain Ahmed of Anaheim, CA. He clearly suffers from anger issues and severe narcissism as you will see in this article. Keep in mind these are his own words.

Zain, if you didn’t know, is 6’4″. He decided to attack a person who was 5’7″. What a tough guy. What a man, right?

Here is Zain admitting to it, but then acting like pushing a guy is not an attack – and also thinks child abuse is hilarious:

Wait until you see his ridiculous apology:

What a heart felt apology. Spoken like a true psycho. Here is more of Zain’s awesome personality, below he tells the guy he pushed that the guy NEVER CAUSED HIM ANY PROBLEMS IN HIS LIFE – yet he still attacked him AND that “all beautiful women love him”:

The above is a picture of Zain Ahmed – one has to ask, where are all the beautiful women? They are no where to be seen. He’s all alone and looks like a fool with this gangster version of Bugs Bunny.

And here is a close up of Zain Ahmed:

Mohammad Sohaib – Former Drug Dealer who Allegedly Keyed a Girl’s Car And Went To Jail And Got It In The Behind

Meet Sohaib Mohammad of Norwalk, CA.

One thing about Sohaib you will notice in this blog is he loves to inflict pain on people and is proud of being evil and even refers to himself as “Dr. Evil”.

Here is a message thread where the person who he decided to key their car is told about it, Sohaib allegedly went around bragging about it, an did it for his from Rasheed Obeid after his former wife allegedly cheated on him – after Rasheed was allegedly unfaithful to her:

Now before we go on, we think it sucks that people go to jail for non-violent crimes. However, when a person who is a complete douchebag, who enjoys to see others in pain, who hurts others happens to randomly get arrested for a non-violent crime – that’s called karma in our book.

Here in this chat, Sohaib talks about his arrest and the fact that he was strip searched in jail:

He is an good friends with Waqas Syed, and was his partner in selling drugs in 2007 – which would later land this bright dead bulb in hot water.

Charges were filed against him on April 27, 2007 in an Orange County court in California.

Here is a chat where fellow douchebag, Zain Ahmed, states that he did not deal drugs, but Sohaib and Waqas Syed both did:

Here is Sohaib getting confronted, and his own reply is very telling:

And here he is, proud as he refers to himself as “Dr Evil”:

Anyway, here is a message thread confirming that the Sohaib and Waqas Syed are buds, and are alleged “assholes”, by, other douchebag, Amir Obeid”

Sohaib allegedly will vouch for his friend Waqas, including when he does illegal things and will lie for him – as a “good friend” would.

Also, he allegedly had his screen saver set up as Osama Bin Laden on his cell phone years ago.

This guy is a Total Douchebag.