Sean Fonseca – Alleged Sexual Deviant and Former Worker at La Mirage Night Club

Meet Sean Fonseca, formerly of La Mirage Night Club who resides in Garden Grove, CA.

Sean Fonseca of La Mirage Night Club Insults Angry Patrons

Sean Fonseca used to work at La Mirage Night Club, we are not sure what he did there, but here is a review in which he makes some of the dumbest remarks to a reviewer as he tries to cover for “security” at this allegedly trashy 18+ night club:

Sean Fonseca used to be a co-worker of Rani Altinawi, who thought a sexual assault was the funniest thing ever.

Sean Fonseca Makes Sexually Deviant Remarks

Well here are a few messages where Sean Fonseca decided to take part in “the fun”:

Ramsey Nashef’s of 7 Diamonds Has A Friend He “Talks To” And Is Sexual Deviant Rani Altinawi

If you read our previous article on Ramsey Nashef, you know that Ramsey Nashef was so desperate to take down the facts of his character, that he tried to get a restraining order enforced on the person to take the page down.

Below is an excerpt from Official Court Transcript showing that Ramsey Nashef stated that he talks to this person and this was someone he could go to:

Here is an example of the character of Rani Altinawi – who Ramsey Nashef apparently surrounds himself with:

Rani Altinawi Admits In Court and On The Record – That He Made The Above Statements

Here is an excerpt from the Court proceedings on June 15, 2017, when Rani Altinawi tried to shut down the freedom of speech rights of the person who gave us the information on him:

Anyway, below Ramsey tries to tell the court that because another court granted Rani Altinawi, his friend and admitted sexual deviant the restraining order to remove the page, that he should have his granted too – great logic from a lying douchebag:

Now one would wonder why he thought he could attain a restraining order and get a web page down. Turns out, another person on this site did the same thing – and was successful – until the case was appealed, which is why the page on Rani Altinawi was re-written and posted.

Ramsey also no longer works for 7 Diamonds, yet on his resume, he writes that he still works there:

To view Ramsey Nashef’s Resume,click here