Waqas Moin Syed of Applied Medical Resources and CSULA – Jail Bird Waqas: The Paki Guy Who Got Fucked In The Ass

Meet Waqas Moin Syed from Fountain Valley, CA.

In the following blog post, you will see Mr. Syed’s own words as he brags about stealing from his own friends and is known to act out in violence randomly.

Below is Waqas insulting a guy he thinks was molested and raped at 4 years old:

Waqas states he’s a proud thief, and again mocks a guy he thinks was raped:

Waqas Bragging
Here is a chat where fellow douchebag, Zain Ahmed, states that he did not deal drugs, but Waqas Syed did sell Cocaine of all drugs (Waqas was arrested for dealing weed in 2006):

Anyway, the low down on this person is that he’s been to jail numerous times for things like dealing drugs and was on house arrest in 2004 for passing counterfeit money, and earned the nick name, Jail Bird Waqas – The Guy Who Allegedly Got Fucked in the Ass because he was apparently popular in jail in that area. And so therefore, he got it – in that area of his body. Hence the nickname.

He works at Applied Medical Resources and is apparently going to CSULA studying engineering.

Anyway, here is Waqas Syed telling a non-Muslim or ex-Muslim that he deserves to die for his “arrogant” beliefs, after he quotes his “peaceful” holy book that states that Hell is there for the entertainment of Muslims to watch non-Muslims suffer:

Sounds legit, real peaceful, and very spiritual right? That’s apparently what Waqas Syed thinks. Let’s learn more about this spiritual person shall we?

Waqas has been in trouble with the law, can’t stop ripping off his friends, and in the following messages you will see, he seems pretty darn happy about it:
Waqas Bragging
Above you see he’s proud of himself for “screwing ALL his friends” and “they are still his friends”. What a great guy this clown is.

He’s good friends with another douchebag on this site, his right hand man who allegedly tries to cover for him whenever he steals or does criminal acts, Mr. Mohammad Sohaib

Notice, who is saying this – it’s like all these douchebags are related to each other and know each other – Amir Obeid who thinks Americans are bad

Let’s see more from this douchebag, shall we?
Waqas Evil
Waqas Threat

Below are videos on youtube about waqas, in the first one at about the 4 second mark a message shows Waqas stating he doesn’t regret stealing from a guy, below is a screen shot:

Below are the videos: