Shaheer Syed of DJO Surgical – Brother of Waqas Syed – Makes Criminal Threats

Meet Shaheer Syed, who resides in Fountain Valley, CA and brother of a guy we did an article on earlier named Waqas Syed – Jail Bird Waqas.

Below, Shaheer laughs at the thought that he MIGHT JUST commit an act of terror:

If you remember, Waqas was a total loser who can’t stop going to jail and is seemingly proud of violating people’s rights.

Well, turns out his brother recently got wind of this blog and he was not too happy about it. So he starting making these crazy threats saying he wants this person’s address:

Let’s give you an idea of what Shaheer’s older brother is like:

And here is Waqas saying more disgusting comments:
Waqas Bragging