Ramsey Nashef – Pathological Liar Who Has No Problem Lying to The Courts

Meet sociopath, con artist, liar, thief, and former graphic designer at 7 Diamonds and Zagiri, and founder of Trey Q –
Ramsey Nashef.

Here is the evidence that Ramsey Nashef LIED TO THE COURTS

Ramsey recently tried to shut this web page down by getting a restraining order by lying and saying we threatened him, his wife, and his child with guns and violence. Yet he had no evidence and lied to the courts about this.

Again, here is a link showing the evidence that Ramsey Nashef LIED TO THE COURTS

Now the fact that Ramsey boldly committed perjury to get this page down speaks volumes to the veracity of this article. We do have a chat below that confirms Ramsey is a slanderer, and we have evidence that he openly lies to the courts – which is a felony.

Ramsey cannot stop lying and slandering others, but thinks others should not do the same to him.

He had no police report, no chats, no nothing and pleaded pathetically to the judge. You would think if someone is threatening you and your family with a gun, you would call the cops.

He then lied and said that he didn’t have any contact with these people since 1997 – and then claimed he has been harassed by this same person for 10 years. It was such a sad state of affairs for one Ramsey Nashef.

He had the nerve to insinuate – without evidence and completely perjuring himself – that he was harassed by this person for 10 years – even though the story is completely the opposite and the person had tons of emails and chats to prove the opposite.

He continually lied, but to no avail. It was a sad state of affairs.

In any event, the court did not believe his lies and this page is back. So let’s take a look at this clown, shall we?

Here is an email where Ramsey was confronted for spreading lies about a guy named Moe so Ramsey could try to get his girlfriend to break up with him. You’ll notice Ramsey essentially admits to it when he says, “What about all the things you said TOO?”

In fact, he so enraged, he types in all caps, let’s take a look:
Ramsey Nashef's Lies

You notice he tries to insinuate the person confronting him is guilty of the same thing he is – but he isn’t obviously because this Moe guy is his friend. Ramsey has a history of “turning it on them” aka guilt tripping – which is something that sociopaths are notorious for doing. And you will later read in this article more details of his problem with guilt tripping people.

Here is he confronted again on another issue, but Ramsey does not respond:
Ramsey Nashef Thief

Here is Amir Obeid speaking about how Ramsey wronged a mutual friend and he sided with him for a stupid reason and also acknowledging that two other people on this site are douchebags – Mohammad Sohaib and Waqas Moin Syed:
Anyway, this video was taken after Ramsey got off from his job at Coffee Bean in Irvine and allegedly used the money he allegedly stole from the cash register and tip jar to buy marijuana and other drugs.

Ramsey Nashef in the parking lot of UCI, acting like a tough guy in 2004 after stealing from his place of work to buy drugs.

Ramsey was finally caught stealing after he was the ring leader and recruited his friends to “work” at Coffee Bean, only to join him in stealing from their very own place of work.

Ramsey and his cohorts would allegedly take money from the tip jar, then replenish that money with money from the cash register, and then continue to steal over and over again. This went on for about a year or so before The Coffee Bean caught on and hired a private investigator to find out what was going on.

Ramsey and his cohorts were forced to resign or face charges.

Ramsey and Statements on Jihad

Ramsey Nashef has made allegedly claims in the past that he supports Jihad, and that Israel(Ramsey is Palestinian), should be conquered “by any means necessary” and stated to a friend in 2006 that he would go to Jihad when it calls.

Ramsey Nashef Hit-and-Run

Ramsey was also allegedly involved in a hit-and-run in 2004 at South Coast Plaza in which he was driving his friends car and hit someone from behind. There was damage to both vehicles and Ramsey told the driver that he hit to go one way and he’d follow – instead as soon as the driver went that way, Ramsey drove as fast as he could the other way. He later blamed his actions on marijuana(although he wasn’t even high). He never was caught.

Ramsey Nashef’s Guilt Tripping Ways

Ramsey’s alleged philosophy on life is that no matter what situation he is in with a person, he always tries to “turn it on them”. Ramsey loves to guilt trip people. He will say anything to get out of a situation and make the victim the “bad guy”. Do not trust this person, he is a total psychopath and very manipulative. In dealing with him, he never seems to take responsibility for anything he had ever done. Even if he’s caught red handed, he’ll find a way to blame someone else for his actions. If you do have to deal with him, keep your guard up.

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If you are looking for this clown, you can find him here:
Ramsey Nashef

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