Mohammad Wareh of Corona, CA Allegedly Involved in Pedophilia

Meet Mohammad Wareh of Corona, CA.

Mohammad Wareh Contacted by Detective for Information Relating and His Involvement In Pedophilia in the late 1990s/Early 2000s

Below is a Facebook chat after Mohammad was shaken up after a detective from the Garden Grove Police Department asked him about his involvement in being an accomplice to a pedophile by the name of Othman Sudani at the Islamic Society of Orange County in the late 1990s and early 2000s:

Now you notice above the whistleblower let’s Mohammad know that he better come clean, because if he doesn’t he is going to look real stupid defending a pedophile.

Mohammad Wareh’s Defense: “It Happened So Long Ago, I Almost Forgot”

Next, we see Mohammad’s reply. Now above, as you can see, the whistle blower person seems to already know that Mohammad told the cop that he was “scared” of him. So scared in fact, that “he almost forgot about it”. Yeah, that sounds legit, let’s take a look:

Mohammad Wareh’s Alleged Sick “Joke” of Entrapping Boys with A Pedophile

Next, the whistle blower then calls Mohammad Wareh out for “playing a joke” on him in 1999. He states that Mohammad Wareh set him up and called alleged pedophile Othman Sudani over to meet the whistle blower and violate him – remember Mohammad Wareh stated he “was scared” of him:

Pay attention to the above, Mohammad’s response to the allegation is that he doesn’t remember, but “we joked a lot when we were kids as we normally do”.

That isn’t a denial, that is, I don’t remember, but if I did do that, oh well, it was just a joke.

Moreover, he stated he “almost forgot” because it was “so long ago” – in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Mohammad would have been in his late teens and early 20s. Keep that in mind.

Mohammad Wareh’s Accomplice Goes Into Details About Abuses

Well, if you look at the above allegation, it states that Mohammad and his friend were trying to set the whistle blower up as a “joke”. Unlucky for Mohammad, that friend and accomplice of his to get boys sexually assaulted made some terrible comments online recently:

Pretty “funny” right? Yeah, if you are a sick depraved psychopath. Watch out for these alleged creepy guys – they might play a sick, depraved, “joke” on you – with you getting sexually assaulted.

Charges Not Pressed Because of Statute of Limitations

Below is an email with the detective who handled the case: