Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Positions When Compared With Popular Islamic Texts and Edicts

Meet Representative Ilhan Omar who has been in the news recently for her actions and antics in the American political realm.

Now, if you’ve haven’t been paying attention to recent news in politics, Ilhan Omar has been causing an uproar with her positions on Israel, Jews, and our foreign policy.

We did an expose on a popular book titled To Be A Muslim by Fathi Yakun, which is used by the Muslim Student Association across American colleges. Now, this book is extremely graphic and detailed in it’s positions and they seem to parallel Ms. Omar. Let’s take a look.

First, let’s look at page 87:

Keep in mind what it says there, and watch this video:

On page 89, it continues on with this nonsense:

On page 99, it tells Muslims to not go for a job in government, but if they are offered one, to take it:

On page 65, it openly states their goal to take down Western civilization (highlighted area with pink squiggly):

On the back of this book, it’s Islamic Relief’s sticker:

To see a synopsis on this book, you can see it by DoucheBags Exposed Exclusive: The Apparent Islamic Agenda for America and Beyond or you can see it on our sister site The Backwards Religion – To Be A Muslim

Now here is Ilhan Omar talking about “religious freedom”:

And here is a popular Islamic imam by the name of Siraj Wahaj – a person we did a story on, speaking on the same topic:

And here is one more video of Ilhan Omar, where she states that sitting Senator Lindsay Graham is “comprimised”. Ilhan Omar looks hilariously uncomfortable in this video: