Gary Gorny Tells Amir Obeid To Pretend To Be Law Enforcement

If you’ve read our previous post on the Obeid brothers playing the victim and advocating for violence, you know these guys are up to no good. Below, is another message in which Amir’s friend, Gary Gorny instructs him how to deal with a person exposing his behavior:

His exact quote is this: “While I never myself had a stalker, if I did, I would do this:
“This profile is being monitored by the FBI for a criminal investigation”. We are looking into all of Mr/s [you] associates. When do you have 15 minutes for a chat? We shall be calling your mobile number. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Detective [make up a name but not an real one so you don’t get charged with impersonating a cop]
Make up badge number and division”

Seems like Amir’s friends are just as dumb as he is. Gary Gorny thinks that if you impersonate a specific cop, then that is impersonating a police officer. When in actuality it is the pretending to be a law enforcement agent is all you need to do to break the law.

Also, notice one person likes the post – and it’s Amir Obeid.

The Obeid Brothers (Amir and Rasheed) Play The Victim

If you’ve read our previous posts, you’d know we have a pair of Douchebag Brothers – Amir Obeid, who expressed his dislike of non-Muslim Americans and who allegedly married a woman who wanted to marry his older brother, and was playing mind games on this individual, and his lying, cheating brother Rasheed Obeid, who has been married twice, and has allegedly cheated on both of his wives.

Amir Obeid Looking Like The Creep He Is

Rasheed Obeid – Father and Alleged Cheater

Now both of these clowns are engaging in damage control and spinning these allegations – which are all backed up by their own words in chats and emails or by their own friends or ex-wives – they claim now that it’s slander – and worse, they accuse the victim of being violent, yet at the same time the victim has never made threats:

Above you see they are talking about getting the police involved, but there is no threat. Moreover, how insulting is it to see Amir talk about Americans in the way he did in 2007 – and at the same time then call this all slander and try to get the police to silence the victim.

Amir should realize that this is not Saudi Arabia – this is free speech. And if it were slander, it has to be false information – information that we can back up with chats and emails.

And above, Rasheed Obeid takes it further by alleging the victim is violent – except the victim has never been violent, has no history of violence, and has made no threats.

Then right after that, their friend talks about kicking his ass, and then a couple of people like it. Who are the ones advocating for violence here again?

And the two people who like it? The Obeid Brothers.

What a bunch of manipulative little Douchebags the Obeid Brothers are.

Former Employee of Muzammil Siddiqi Confirms That He Teaches Violent Jihad and Lies To The American Public

Meet Muzammil Siddiqi. He is the head of the Islamic Society of Orange County – a mosque that is no stranger to controversy. He also is a Chapman University in Southern California.

Previously, we did a report in which we confirmed that Muzammil Siddiqi was involved in a cover up at his mosque and moving pedophiles out instead of calling the authorities.

Now we were able to get a hold of a former principal of the school by the name of Karen Selby. Below, she describes the environment and Mr. Siddiqi:

And let’s show you again, the children’s book Mr. Siddiqi’s mosque was using to “teach” children:

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Positions When Compared With Popular Islamic Texts and Edicts

Meet Representative Ilhan Omar who has been in the news recently for her actions and antics in the American political realm.

Now, if you’ve haven’t been paying attention to recent news in politics, Ilhan Omar has been causing an uproar with her positions on Israel, Jews, and our foreign policy.

We did an expose on a popular book titled To Be A Muslim by Fathi Yakun, which is used by the Muslim Student Association across American colleges. Now, this book is extremely graphic and detailed in it’s positions and they seem to parallel Ms. Omar. Let’s take a look.

First, let’s look at page 87:

Keep in mind what it says there, and watch this video:

On page 89, it continues on with this nonsense:

On page 99, it tells Muslims to not go for a job in government, but if they are offered one, to take it:

On page 65, it openly states their goal to take down Western civilization (highlighted area with pink squiggly):

On the back of this book, it’s Islamic Relief’s sticker:

To see a synopsis on this book, you can see it by DoucheBags Exposed Exclusive: The Apparent Islamic Agenda for America and Beyond or you can see it on our sister site The Backwards Religion – To Be A Muslim

Now here is Ilhan Omar talking about “religious freedom”:

And here is a popular Islamic imam by the name of Siraj Wahaj – a person we did a story on, speaking on the same topic:

And here is one more video of Ilhan Omar, where she states that sitting Senator Lindsay Graham is “comprimised”. Ilhan Omar looks hilariously uncomfortable in this video:

Shaheer Syed of DJO Surgical – Brother of Waqas Syed – Makes Criminal Threats

Meet Shaheer Syed, who resides in Fountain Valley, CA and brother of a guy we did an article on earlier named Waqas Syed – Jail Bird Waqas.

Below, Shaheer laughs at the thought that he MIGHT JUST commit an act of terror:

If you remember, Waqas was a total loser who can’t stop going to jail and is seemingly proud of violating people’s rights.

Well, turns out his brother recently got wind of this blog and he was not too happy about it. So he starting making these crazy threats saying he wants this person’s address:

Let’s give you an idea of what Shaheer’s older brother is like:

And here is Waqas saying more disgusting comments:
Waqas Bragging

Sean Fonseca – Alleged Sexual Deviant and Former Worker at La Mirage Night Club

Meet Sean Fonseca, formerly of La Mirage Night Club who resides in Garden Grove, CA.

Sean Fonseca of La Mirage Night Club Insults Angry Patrons

Sean Fonseca used to work at La Mirage Night Club, we are not sure what he did there, but here is a review in which he makes some of the dumbest remarks to a reviewer as he tries to cover for “security” at this allegedly trashy 18+ night club:

Sean Fonseca used to be a co-worker of Rani Altinawi, who thought a sexual assault was the funniest thing ever.

Sean Fonseca Makes Sexually Deviant Remarks

Well here are a few messages where Sean Fonseca decided to take part in “the fun”:

Ramsey Nashef’s of 7 Diamonds Has A Friend He “Talks To” And Is Sexual Deviant Rani Altinawi

If you read our previous article on Ramsey Nashef, you know that Ramsey Nashef was so desperate to take down the facts of his character, that he tried to get a restraining order enforced on the person to take the page down.

Below is an excerpt from Official Court Transcript showing that Ramsey Nashef stated that he talks to this person and this was someone he could go to:

Here is an example of the character of Rani Altinawi – who Ramsey Nashef apparently surrounds himself with:

Rani Altinawi Admits In Court and On The Record – That He Made The Above Statements

Here is an excerpt from the Court proceedings on June 15, 2017, when Rani Altinawi tried to shut down the freedom of speech rights of the person who gave us the information on him:

Anyway, below Ramsey tries to tell the court that because another court granted Rani Altinawi, his friend and admitted sexual deviant the restraining order to remove the page, that he should have his granted too – great logic from a lying douchebag:

Now one would wonder why he thought he could attain a restraining order and get a web page down. Turns out, another person on this site did the same thing – and was successful – until the case was appealed, which is why the page on Rani Altinawi was re-written and posted.

Ramsey also no longer works for 7 Diamonds, yet on his resume, he writes that he still works there:

To view Ramsey Nashef’s Resume,click here

Rani Altinawi – Director of La Mirage Night Club Thought A Sexual Assault Is “The Funniest Thing Ever”

Meet Rani Altinawi of Westminster, CA and as of last year, was the Director of a night club called La Mirage.

Rani Altinawi Makes Shocking Comments About Sexual Assault In Bathroom

Rani Altinawi Admits In Court and On The Record – That He Made The Above Statements

Here is an excerpt from the Court proceedings on June 15, 2017, when Rani Altinawi tried to shut down the freedom of speech rights of the person who gave us the information on him:

Rani Altinawi admitted on the record that he did in fact make the above disgusting and reprehensible remarks.

Keep in mind, he wrote that as a 32 year old adult looking back on it.

La Mirage Unsurprisingly Has Bad Reviews; All Related On It’s Conduct Towards It’s Customers

Ameer Khan of Garden Grove Allegedly Sticks Knife On Someone And Was Arrested In 2005 for Various Other Offenses

Meet Ameer Khan of Garden Grove, CA.

Ameer allegedly thought it would be funny to turn off a person’s computer while they were working on something important.

Now, Ameer is lucky he didn’t get his face caved in for that, instead the person allegedly pushed Ameer.

In response, Ameer allegedly took his knife out and began threatening this person stating “I’ll cut you fool!”.

He eventually came up with an excuse for his behavior – he was smoking weed. Yeah, because as we all know, marijuana causes people to become evil psychopathic idiots threatening to murder. No, I think it’s just your terrible personality.

And in 2005, he was arrested for a number of things including driving without a valid license and having a controlled substance on him:

Ameer Khan – what a psychopathic douchebag.