Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Positions When Compared With Popular Islamic Texts and Edicts

Meet Representative Ilhan Omar who has been in the news recently for her actions and antics in the American political realm.

Now, if you’ve haven’t been paying attention to recent news in politics, Ilhan Omar has been causing an uproar with her positions on Israel, Jews, and our foreign policy.

We did an expose on a popular book titled To Be A Muslim by Fathi Yakun, which is used by the Muslim Student Association across American colleges. Now, this book is extremely graphic and detailed in it’s positions and they seem to parallel Ms. Omar. Let’s take a look.

First, let’s look at page 87:

Keep in mind what it says there, and watch this video:

On page 89, it continues on with this nonsense:

On page 99, it tells Muslims to not go for a job in government, but if they are offered one, to take it:

On page 65, it openly states their goal to take down Western civilization (highlighted area with pink squiggly):

On the back of this book, it’s Islamic Relief’s sticker:

To see a synopsis on this book, you can see it by DoucheBags Exposed Exclusive: The Apparent Islamic Agenda for America and Beyond or you can see it on our sister site The Backwards Religion – To Be A Muslim

Now here is Ilhan Omar talking about “religious freedom”:

And here is a popular Islamic imam by the name of Siraj Wahaj – a person we did a story on, speaking on the same topic:

And here is one more video of Ilhan Omar, where she states that sitting Senator Lindsay Graham is “comprimised”. Ilhan Omar looks hilariously uncomfortable in this video:

Shaheer Syed of DJO Surgical – Brother of Waqas Syed – Makes Criminal Threats

Meet Shaheer Syed, who resides in Fountain Valley, CA and brother of a guy we did an article on earlier named Waqas Syed – Jail Bird Waqas.

If you remember, Waqas was a total loser who can’t stop going to jail and is seemingly proud of violating people’s rights.

Well, turns out his brother recently got wind of this blog and he was not too happy about it. So he starting making these crazy threats saying he wants this person’s address:

Let’s give you an idea of what Shaheer’s older brother is like:

And here is Waqas saying more disgusting comments:
Waqas Bragging

Sean Fonseca – Alleged Sexual Deviant and Former Worker at La Mirage Night Club

Meet Sean Fonseca, formerly of La Mirage Night Club who resides in Garden Grove, CA.

Sean Fonseca of La Mirage Night Club Insults Angry Patrons

Sean Fonseca used to work at La Mirage Night Club, we are not sure what he did there, but here is a review in which he makes some of the dumbest remarks to a reviewer as he tries to cover for “security” at this allegedly trashy 18+ night club:

Sean Fonseca used to be a co-worker of Rani Altinawi, who thought a sexual assault was the funniest thing ever.

Sean Fonseca Makes Sexually Deviant Remarks

Well here are a few messages where Sean Fonseca decided to take part in “the fun”:

Ramsey Nashef’s of 7 Diamonds Has A Friend He “Talks To” And Is Sexual Deviant Rani Altinawi

If you read our previous article on Ramsey Nashef, you know that Ramsey Nashef was so desperate to take down the facts of his character, that he tried to get a restraining order enforced on the person to take the page down.

Below is an excerpt from Official Court Transcript showing that Ramsey Nashef stated that he talks to this person and this was someone he could go to:

Here is an example of the character of Rani Altinawi – who Ramsey Nashef apparently surrounds himself with:

Rani Altinawi Admits In Court and On The Record – That He Made The Above Statements

Here is an excerpt from the Court proceedings on June 15, 2017, when Rani Altinawi tried to shut down the freedom of speech rights of the person who gave us the information on him:

Anyway, below Ramsey tries to tell the court that because another court granted Rani Altinawi, his friend and admitted sexual deviant the restraining order to remove the page, that he should have his granted too – great logic from a lying douchebag:

Now one would wonder why he thought he could attain a restraining order and get a web page down. Turns out, another person on this site did the same thing – and was successful – until the case was appealed, which is why the page on Rani Altinawi was re-written and posted.

Rani Altinawi – Director of La Mirage Night Club Thought A Sexual Assault Is “The Funniest Thing Ever”

Meet Rani Altinawi of Westminster, CA and as of last year, was the Director of a night club called La Mirage.

Rani Altinawi Makes Shocking Comments About Sexual Assault In Bathroom

Rani Altinawi Admits In Court and On The Record – That He Made The Above Statements

Here is an excerpt from the Court proceedings on June 15, 2017, when Rani Altinawi tried to shut down the freedom of speech rights of the person who gave us the information on him:

Rani Altinawi admitted on the record that he did in fact make the above disgusting and reprehensible remarks.

Keep in mind, he wrote that as a 32 year old adult looking back on it.

La Mirage Unsurprisingly Has Bad Reviews; All Related On It’s Conduct Towards It’s Customers

Ameer Khan of Garden Grove Allegedly Sticks Knife On Someone

Meet Ameer Khan of Garden Grove, CA.

Ameer allegedly thought it would be funny to turn off a person’s computer while they were working on something important.

Now, Ameer is lucky he didn’t get his face caved in for that, instead the person allegedly pushed Ameer.

In response, Ameer allegedly took his knife out and began threatening this person stating “I’ll cut you fool!”.

He eventually came up with an excuse for his behavior – he was smoking weed. Yeah, because as we all know, marijuana causes people to become evil psychopathic idiots threatening to murder. No, I think it’s just your terrible personality.

Ameer Khan – what a psychopathic douchebag.

Muzammil Siddiqi’s Mosque Allegedly Has A Problem With Child Abuse and Molestation

Meet Muzammil Siddiqi. He is the head of the Islamic Society of Orange County – a mosque that is no stranger to controversy. He also is a Chapman University in Southern California.

Here is an excerpt of what you are going to read in this blog post:

For more on the douchebag above, his name is Rani Altinawi , who is also a member of Muzammil Siddiqi’s mosque, and as his statement above asserts, that a sexual assault occurred at Orange Crescent School – which run by Muzammil Siddiqi.

Below, is another member by the name of Shahab Malik, who states that he heard that pedophilia was going on from others, and now, another person is telling him the same thing:

Here’s Muzammil with George W. Bush shortly after 9/11

If you didn’t know already, people like Adam Gadahn and were once students of Mr. Siddiqi.

As stated earlier, he also runs a school within the Islamic Society of Orange County known as Orange Crescent School – which as you will see, had a history of abusing children and teaching jihadi violence.

Muzammil Siddiqi Lies About The Extent of Extremist Violence Within Islam

Muzammil Siddiqi’s mosque has been no stranger to controversy, considering the times, we may know the reason why – it’s what’s going on in the actual community itself – though Siddiqi and others like him love to deflect and insist in general, Muslims are against violence, and “just a few bad apples”.

Karen Selby – Employee of Muzammil Siddiqi as Former Principal of Orange Crescent School – Contradicts Muzammil Siddiqi’s Message

Now you read what he wrote above – Muslims, and we assume he also means himself and his mosque – are against acts of violence in general.

Well, we were able to contact former principal of Orange Crescent School, Karen Selby, who was principal during the 1991-92 season. Here is what she had to say:

Below is a recent message from former principal of Orange Crescent School, Karen Selby, who was employed by Muzammil Siddiqi as the principal of OCS in the 1991-92 school year:

So here we have a former principal talking about the elements of violence within the leadership of the Islamic Society of Orange County and Orange Crescent School – a leadership in which Muzammil Siddiqi is at the top of and has been for a very long time.

She lasted only that one year at this toxic “school”, while noticing the chaos within it.

Muzammil Siddiqi’s Teachings To Children At Orange Crescent School

But not only that, if you read our previous post, Douchebags Exposed Exclusive: A Synopsis on My Book of Islam – An Islamic Children’s Book for Muslim Children in the West, the book featured is a book titled “My Book of Islam – BOOK 5″.

It has been confirmed that Muzammil Siddiqi’s Orange Crescent School did use this book series for quite some time. Let’s give you a peak of what’s in this book:

And let’s see how widely this book is used among Muslims:

So yeah, it’s a widely used children’s book that was reviewed by hundred’s of Muslim professionals. Siddiqi has been caught in his lies.

Member of Muzammil Siddiqi’s Mosque Attests To Being Taught Jihad By Muzammil Siddiqi

And here on this blog, one of his followers by the name of Bilal Simjee attests that Muzammil Siddiqi “teaches Jihad”.

Former Teacher From Orange Crescent School States Most of Staff Hired By Siddiqi Was “Alarmingly Unprofessional”

Now with the teaching of Jihad and violence being at the highest level of Muzammil Siddiq’s mosque, it wouldn’t be that much of a shock if they were abusing the kids as well. Well, here, according to former teacher Virginia Isom, who taught at Orange Crescent School from 1989 – 1995, stated the following:

Pedophilia At The Islamic Society of Orange County and Orange Crescent School – Both Operated By Muzammil Siddiqi

Now you notice Miss Youseff has stated that Muzammil Siddiqi has nothing to do with the school. Here is a class photo from the 1990 – 91 school year which clearly shows the opposite:

In speaking with people who were hired, they all stated that they were interviewed by Muzammil Siddiqi.

Acts of Pedophilia at The Islamic Society of Orange County – In Graphic Details

Here is an example of the things going on under Muzammil Siddiqi’s care and the type of people who frequent his mosques:

Here is an excerpt from the Court proceedings on June 15, 2017, when Rani Altinawi tried to shut down the freedom of speech rights of the person who gave us the information on him:

This was on a previous post about a member of the mosque named Mohammad Wareh – who is also a member of Muzammil Siddiqi’s mosque, you’d know that this mosque run by Mr. Siddiqi not only had a problem with child abuse, but also, pedophilia.

Now this security guard/janitor in question’s name is Othman Sudani – who was employed by the Islamic Society of Orange County for some time in which he would pay boys aged 12-13 20 dollars and then begin to molest them.

When questioned on the matter, the Islamic Society of Orange County responded that they did not know him.

Again, here is Mr. Siddiqi’s words to the press in 2015:

Is this man a liar and a con-artist? You be the judge.

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Kamal Chohan of Keller Williams on Video Acting Like a Psycho

Here is Kamal Chohan at it again, this time on video acting like a psychopath.

In the beginning of this video, he’s calling some Middle Eastern woman and is talking with a Middle Eastern accent – but then she hangs up. Shortly afterward, his hostile conversation starts and Kamal becomes alarmingly vicious.

At the 3:23 mark of this video, Kamal Chohan – who prides himself on being Muslim and has recently been talking about how he faces discrimination for being Muslim, is on video attacking a person FOR BEING MUSLIM.

For the rest of the video on after 3:23, he mentions the religion and language and even refers to this person as a terrorist.

Amir John Shafaghat (AJ Graves) of Saint Rocke

Meet Amir John Shafaghat, who goes by the name of AJ Graves – of Saint Rocke.

He got arrested and plead guilty to assault with a deadly weapon after being caught on video kicking a guy in the head:

Here you can read the law for yourself: 245(a)(4)

Beware, this guy plead no contest to Assault with a Deadly Weapon:

Recently this lunatic got into it with a patron at this bar, and then got his information and had some woman calling his family’s house asking absurd questions:

Amir Salam – Potential Psychopath in Dana Point Who Killed Animals During Adolescence

Meet Amir Salam, who currently resides in Dana Point, CA.

Amir Salam Seemingly Proud Of Himself For Wreaking Havoc and Killing Little Birds As Adolescent

Amir Salam allegedly had psychopathic tendencies as an adolescent and child, including killing animals. Someone decided to message him and decided to bring that up and see his reaction about it today.

Amir Salam’s reaction is quite telling about his current personality – note the text underlined in red where it talks about Amir killing little birds – and then watch Amir’s response right after telling him to add him on Facebook.

Allegedly Wreaked Havoc with Admitted Sexual Deviant Rani Altinawi

And if you’ve read our recent post on a guy who is an admitted sexual deviant by the name of Rani Altinawi – turns out they went to the same school – Orange Crescent School – also known as OCS. Let’s show you again what the nature of Rani Altinawi’s character is:

And allegedly they were friends during that time and would torment and cause all sort of problems for people. This person tried to get some information in terms if he still kept in touch with Rani or divulge any information on any type of “shenanigans” they’d pull to drive people mad or hurt others, but Amir did not respond:

Amir’s Father Abdul Salam And Why Amir Was Never Expelled

His father is Abdul Salam, who spawned Amir and sent him to Muzammil Siddiqi’s Orange Crescent School – which we have shown has been known to harbor antisocial and anti non-Muslim points of view.

Now why wasn’t Amir ever expelled after doing such psychopathic behavior?

We do have some insights as we were able to get a former administrator from Orange Crescent School to speak on the issue and this is what we were able to get, dated November 1, 2018:

And that is what pretty much happened in Amir’s situation. Amir’s father, Abdul, allegedly was financially “well-off”, and instead of expelling his son who proudly identified himself as the child who wreaked havoc and killed little birds – Orange Crescent School decided to fire this American woman by the name of Claire Lemire – who was severely bullied and abused by the students and staff at this extremely dysfunctional institution.

She was then replaced with a man by the name of Raed Hariri, who had a terrible temper and allegedly eloped with a 16 year old girl in August of 1996.

Let’s also keep in mind that this is the same place and same time that American terrorist Adam Gadahn was taught.

To read more on Mr. Gadahn, click here

Islamic Schools Vs. Public Schools – From Their Own Perspective

This snippet was taken from the Islamic Circle of North America’s website, in which they have an article discussing Islamic Schools vs Public Schools. In it, they blame public schools for why Muslim kids turn out bad, and that Muslim schools are loaded with bad kids – because of the public school system:

But remember, before they were in the public school system, they were children born to this specific sub culture known as Islam. And before the public school system, they had parents and a family. These people are saying the opposite of what everyone knows – values start IN THE HOME.

Psychopathy Symptoms

Now we cannot fully diagnose Amir Salam as a psychopath, but his reactions are quite indeed scary. But here is a list of personality traits a psychopath – young or old would display:

  • Superficial charm and glibness
  • Inflated sense of self-worth
  • Constant need for stimulation
  • Lying pathologically
  • Conning others; being manipulative
  • Lack of remorse or guilt
  • Shallow emotions
  • Callousness; lack of empathy
  • Using others (a parasitic lifestyle)
  • Poor control over behavior
  • Promiscuous sexual behavior
  • Behavioral problems early in life
  • Lack of realistic, long-term goals
  • Being impulsive
  • Being irresponsible
  • Blaming others and refusing to accept responsibility
  • Having several marital relationships
  • Delinquency when young
  • Revocation of conditional release
  • Criminal acts in several realms (criminal versatility)

For more information, on the topic, go to: Psychopathy in detail

Amir Salam “Doesn’t Care” What People Think; It Was “Just 7th Grade”

Now, if you scroll to the bottom of this page, Amir Salam responded stating that it was just in the 7th grade.

In fact, we were sent an email recently in which he apparently went off and stated he doesn’t care, and reiterated his stance – he was in the 7th grade. That’s his excuse:

Which, as we all know, is a terrible excuse. How many people do you know were murdering animals in the 7th grade? The only people I know who were doing stuff like that were the SCARY KIDS.

Moreover, his response to this is absurd, he acts like it’s not big deal and that he is the victim in all of this.

The following screen shot is from Robert Hare’s 1993 book on psychopathy titled Without Conscience, here is what he states about these types of behaviors in children: