Hassan Twiet – Mediocre Teacher at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School “Harassed” by the FBI

Meet Hassan Twiet – “teacher” at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School.

Hassan allegedly has a history of telling sexist jokes, accusing students of cheating without evidence, and well, he doesn’t really teach.

Hassan Twiet – Below Average Teacher and Person

His mediocre teaching has apparently frustrated the students so much, they vent on this site: Hassan Twiet’s Pathetic PVPHS Teacher Reviews on RateMyTeachers.com

The average rating for a teacher at this school is 3.89 stars while Hassan Twiet, after 28 reviews has a rating of 2.14 stars.

Other dynamics you notice in this page are these:

  • Virtually all the positive reviews have ONLY THUMBS DOWN, while virtually all the negative reviews receive ALL THUMBS UP.
  • Twiet accuses students of children of cheating in front of everyone with no evidence
  • Has a problem making sexist and racist comments
  • That he really doesn’t even understand the topic he is supposed to be teaching.

Let’s take a look at some of the reviews:


Apparently Palos Verdes Peninsula High School’s Hassan Twiet was able to draw the interest of the FBI, let’s watch the video below:

Hassan Twiet used to teach at an Islamic school called Orange Crescent School(A “school” where the late American terrorist Adam Gadahn frequented) within the Islamic Society of Orange County in the 1990s, and was allegedly known to have erratic behavior there including:

  • Bullying students in front of others
  • Referring to certain male kids as “faggots”
  • Repeatedly would talk about his homosexual co-worker at Home Depot(he had two jobs) to a bunch of 7th graders.
  • Telling kids not to use insult or yell at others, all the while insulting and yelling at others

Here, a former student of Hassan Twiet when Hassan “taught” at Orange Crescent School tries to contact him and figure out what are his plans for bringing Syrian refugees into the United States.

In this video, Amin goes on to state that Hassan asked him if he worked for the government, if he was with the FBI and apparently let him know the FBI was “harassing” him and members of his family.